Friday, December 28, 2007

ALEUIA Christmas, also a fail

So good for Christmas, thinking of baby king, good to Mass, sing song, feast and present.

Childs open gift of tables, need to return to store. Try to make fly, hit lamp with breaking, also wood to head. Not like shows me on site. This one not to recommend. A sadness.

Friday, December 21, 2007

This one, gift to childs

ALEUIA! Soon to Christmas. Good newborn king!

Hoping present come, UPS, soon for childs. Did a track, say Monday, so good joy to that. Childs excited this one for sure. Found for not so many moneys gift to play so many game, maybe pool, paddle, knock the pin over.

Also, this one to soar. Maybe use magnet, other technology, this tables fly in air. Amaze childs, I think. Best gift. Was thinking Wii for childs, but saw this one to fly, knew was better. Here to show you this, see?

Sunday, November 25, 2007

An ask for you

This day an ask for you, my Mamas.

You see childs in to home, show this one to you.
What you do?

Keep? Throw back into wilds?

Have curious to know.
A thank!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

This one...not to know

See this one university close to museum. Mans make machine, good purpose, hold banan.
I ask man if can anything other than hold it. He say, "see? can use also a phone." I say, "that not phone, is fruit." He tell that was to show it can do also phone.
I say "Aleuia!" But then think, "still, need mouth."

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Apology to my friend

Think for some time, lost art, lose strong to self as good statue now gone.
Also told from library new computers, so no job there now. Thinking of other place work, strive for moneys and helps.

So, not posting some days.

But now, ALEUIA! found works at museum.

One thing, say to man there, "Have great art from yard, museum can display?" he look to statue, big shock, say to me "Where find this one?"
I tell him, he says made by famous Kenyan art man. So, to display there.

Good day to you.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

A sadness

Man from place HOA call to say no art in yard. So place in room, then wife say to garage.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Answer for you and also to show

One ask last time, how carry art to yard? Yes, heavy, take some time! A strong two hour, maybe three, go twice to store and get piece.

Think to self few times, a worth to get this one? Then remember beauty, power from effort only, carry on you man. Flighty can get chair, other new thing everyday, so one time to art can be done.

Then to put different piece, make face, point to make strong eye. Hammer to yard, neighbor ask, "This thing?" I say, "My friend, to share you can see from window." He say to call "H.O.A." Not sure this means, maybe so happy.

Now to show new one to you my friend. Mamas also look to this, special for you to give a strong.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A thank to Flighty and other mama

Been reading different mamas like Flighty, maybe shortcut mushroom, three monkey others. They speak many times finding cute chair or item for home, maybe cheap or to make husband buy.

So, ALEUIA! An inspire! time to trip for little shop, find thing for home, get good price maybe a haggle, bargain to me.

Spend a time, look chair, table, art, vase, spoon, maybe a ceramic. Then to my eye, I see a great for yard. A hop to lady at store can say "Look to that, maybe good price to me." A good time, haggle maybe some minutes, she agree to cost.

Carry home this one, put in yard.

So good. see?

Friday, June 8, 2007

Testing to you, an answer

Good time to send question to you, my friend. Can answer, maybe learn one thing, maybe another. Give answer with 1 - 10, 1 mean a false maybe dislike, 10 to agree. 5 show no decide.

Question to you:
1) Hear name, is yours, sound like man you not know to call you. His face maybe like tiger, do answer?
2) See art. Can see foot out. Strong art?
3) Turtle to cross road, he look up and away. Stop car?
4) Thinking of place, imagine self there. Wrong idea?
5) Find a money, then coin. Aleiua?
6) Can choose egg. Yes?
7) Mama blog like Bean, flighty, three monkey post more thing like buffle art, not so much about cook, childs, maybe cute chair?

Now to maths, number 0-70 is a score. Look to list, see?

0-10 - Pigeon to face.

10 - 20 - This one come to your home. Maybe more strong, this not happen to you.

20 - 30 - You maybe this man. A help and pray to you.

30 - 40 - A small food, good to soul, but maybe more for you with a work.

40 - 50 - You like mouse, see? Good strive, but maybe scared to touch tree. Climb on, my friend.

50-60 - Soul like to strong art. You bless to friend, family.

60-70 - This one come to you. Agree so much, need strong principle so not agree to the wrong.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Aleuia, back to home!

Some time, long travel to Africa. Study an art, animal, man, maybe tree and river. Come to home and friend, back to work, now talk to you of new thing.

I can see a strong art to Africa. Look to art of rider right there. See? Mood of sun so hot, he sip straw to drink from animal. (Not sure if that one is horse, maybe camel.) Look to eye of animal, also man can hold symbol of Egypt on stick. He keep it far from self, behind animal to remind that power of world to keep from soul or corrupt you.
Good lesson, I think.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Been a time

Thinking past a while, gone for trip to places, also many work and attend to thing. Take a moment to show, my friend, thought to you.

Sometimes an asking how to see if an art strong or a fail. Practice, my friend, keep an eye to many art and soon to train it, ALEUIA eye grow like tongue to good food, taste strong art, fail art taste bad to eye, maybe soul.

One time show strong buffle art, also Ben chicken of strength, you can see good for eye. Now to show fail art. Can see difference? Look to foot on this one, lizard show to you. Not sure if lizard kick, maybe dance when curl fist to chest. THIS TO FAIL. Only toughest artist to try foot place like this one, so much practice or make fail like this.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Amaze to this one

Looking to web after talking few mama site like Daniellebean, see thing amaze to my eye. Big Buffle art, child so amaze, point to buffle, a memory forever.

So to think some time, ask to self buffle a good art. Answer can see in child to picture. So power this art, strike to child soul, heart.

Also, think mama sites, Daniellebean, threemonkey, flighty, maybe short mushroom better if post buffle to them maybe show childs. Childs see buffle, maybe not make mess in home.

Saturday, April 7, 2007


Now posting after time Holy Week silence to think of Lord, Triduum.

Oh, now Lord in tomb, soon in hours to fly out, stand on table, stun and show flag to guard. ALEUIA! Maybe so early to speak of glory, but soon to Easter and rejoice.
Good Easter to all, my friend!

Friday, March 30, 2007

Talking Goals

Today, was thinking life, goals. Most thing have simple one, like sport, goal is to goal. Life a little different.

Can see this other art from Library wall. Says to dolphin, "There is no end to the amount of things you can accomplish." Look to Dolphin, not sure if this a good thing to say for him, he can chirp, swim, maybe leap like picture, a few other things, but not so much else.

Then think, "ALEUIA!" and see new truth. Poster say, "there is no end" and think to self, "See? That is problem on poster, goal only come from end of act" If no end, all accomplishes will be to nothing and a fail.

Dolphin and friends, not listen to this poster, be strong, find good end, then accomplishes to that. Good day.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

This weekend to zoo

Good time on day, went to zoo, show childs every creature. Think of Elephan, baby one, also giraffe, some bear, like to roll as panda. So crowded to these, other animal like hog, bat, maybe some fish not so crowded.

One child point to animal, say, "this thing?" I look to see look like part of zebra, giraffe. I think, "maybe legend creature" but see sign say Okapi.

Noticed most animals to sleep at zoo. Maybe some flower or water at zoo is to make all tired. On trip home, childs to nap.

I maybe still weary, so resting from this trip.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Ben or other artist, a question today.

Ben or artist,

At art show maybe last week and other time, many arts of fruit in every type. Can see abstract, realism, oil, maybe watercolor and photo.

Most time, fruit tumbling from basket or bowl to make mess on table. Is some meaning? If to paint too, should also my fruit tumble? Or maybe artist just not so clean at home.

Thanks to you, Ben or any other. Good day.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Be careful of this

This art on wall to dentist place. It say, "What
the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve." Look to man on poster one time again. He probably eat at dinner, think to self, "I hanging from mountain." Then, it happen. Now he stuck on rock, maybe will fall.

So, to learn lesson. Be careful of the thoughts. Persevere only good ideas, or a trouble to you.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

This true?

An ask for you today. Look to webs and found place, Place say, "fastest growing sport in America." This true? Look to TV and not see Stack champ any channel.

Steak, you champion some things, maybe know?

Stacks look like toy to make child cry, maybe tantrum when open at present. Maybe good gift to bad childs.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Cat, bad mirror

Now, have a time to turn from work to thought for you.

This cat to look in mirror, see lion, tiger. Then think bigger, strong than other animal in forest or street and be hurt. Cat, turn away from mirror.

Picture says, "What matters most is how you see yourself." Maybe this bad advise. I look to mirror, see goat? Then tell to wife, "feed to my mouth a grass and pasture." Then hit man at corner with head to his back.

More serious; if think to self a king, or some strong more than can do, maybe not treat friend so good, take a time with family, hurt self in traffic.

Now, back to works or child, good day.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Soon spring, think to win and garden

Maybe last snow, hope. Almost time garden for spring. This year, tomato, pepper, cucumber, maybe bean. Good strong mans to garden, grow food, grow soul.

Listen, man, to this word. Grow garden like to grow childs, wife. You not attention to garden, weed, grub, rabbit come in.

Even if defend, still make a care to feed. If not, crop so small, see? To win big food, keep good care!

Friday, March 16, 2007

A help.

Car Mama ask stress help, and thinking certain sound and acts to help you, my friend.

- Tea man say his blog throwing other man help relax, maybe sleep. Not sure this best way.

- Hold good baby in warm sun chair.

- Can eat stew.

- Climb three times stair.

- Do craft, paper, art, maybe floral.

- See fine frog? He tell you, "listen, good mama." This a sound Erhu. Can no stress when Erhu.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Look ahead

See problem here? Turtle eat, look up. Not attention to walk around stone.
My turtle, soon trouble to you.

Think where move forward. Watch you going, not blind by dream, pride, maybe pleasure either.

Then you reach goal. Aleuia, then praise to Lord.

Then, happy, see?

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

You see this man

Other time was picnic, saw man in cat face. Look some like picture. He walk around, make faces to other people. What he about? He not to talk at all, just mewl, growl, move arm like paw and claw. This happen park, near tree and path.

First thinking this man hero, maybe wrestler. Then think, "no, he just strange, maybe show off, or going birthday entertain."

Still, decide to ask. Walk to say "What you man?" He say something like mew, then, "I am a furry." Look again, see to smooth costume and say, "maybe shiny." He look anger, frustrate make hiss. Decide time leaving, move fast. What you do?

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Stand up

Sometime, there something that make you back away, maybe run, be afraid.

See? if to see this giant in wood, maybe best bet run away, maybe hide. Some thing, though, not to hide or run.

Can back away from important thing?
Look this giant one more time, he think to put all man into space, he probably worship sun and reaper.

Maybe time to stand up, face giant. Can you hero? Maybe so. You think. Make decide now, one day might face some thing.
Now, back to the work or childs, good day.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Good art

To Saturday at art show, saw much display. Show different tumble fruit arts, other paints of shapes, farm, face. So, go to Ben site, he know the art. He Can masterpiece of Pope, also abstract... his new arts not expected but maybe deep meaning?

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Good friend

Am thinking friend, today. Found friends last few while, car mama, construction man, different other mamas, costume man, Steak. Never know webs so many good man, woman. Do learn to new thing every day.

Now, to find maybe plumber, doctor, and other types friend. Will see. One thing, so many mamas posting good story, show invent of child, child at jail gate, many others.

Is good, make day better after rain to face, clothe on to work.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Moment refocus

Now you reading while work hard, or maybe care for childs. I too take moment, reflect and to face back to labors.

Give you example. Reading yesterday one man decide ninja and pirate to store, I read this, think "some man have strange." Later though to thought, "Maybe good question." Little sleep, just to think Ninja, Pirate. Angry self, thinking this. Look back to two cane man, good idea, Aleuia! good sleep.

One say, "Journey begin with single step." I think not right. Single step just to toe water. Take two step, then journey start.

Now, to work, have good.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Still Learning

This man saying, "I am still learning."

See, two canes, walking out..maybe to street, going to store. Strong walker, thinking life, poetry, art.

Can you learn? Look to him, maybe again.

Here is songs from me:

"Oh! Cane two times, Walking, you can wise. See? the face hold deep."

Now, back to works, gain the strong, you can walk.

Monday, March 5, 2007

This home, rest you friend

I make this home to you, friend.

Rest to the day, maybe night, can see what not. Do you work? Can break, read this time.

Will give hint from song I know. Line, "When done correctly all will appear effortless." Thinking this to all you, friend. Ever see the master? Do his craft, look at ease, smile to crowd. Crowd thinkin, "not so hard." They try, fail...

Want you to think this for time, now back to your work...get skill.