Friday, March 16, 2007

A help.

Car Mama ask stress help, and thinking certain sound and acts to help you, my friend.

- Tea man say his blog throwing other man help relax, maybe sleep. Not sure this best way.

- Hold good baby in warm sun chair.

- Can eat stew.

- Climb three times stair.

- Do craft, paper, art, maybe floral.

- See fine frog? He tell you, "listen, good mama." This a sound Erhu. Can no stress when Erhu.


Anonymous said...

Car Mama say good no stress sound,Erhu plenty fine stress go away.Y 2 String Erhu? Frog look like who?

Steak said...

Erhu so soothing! This style of music reminds me of the Carl Douglas song, "Kung Fu Fighting."

Bridget said...

Floaty, thank you for your fine suggestions for stress help! Here's what I've done with the suggestons:

1.Hold good baby in warm sun chair.
Well, it wasn't very sunny today, but I held good baby pretty much all day.

2. Can eat stew.
I didn't eat stew, but I did eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!

3. Climb three times stair.
I vacuumed the stairs today while listening to some music. That was very relaxing for me!

4. Do craft, paper, art, maybe floral.
Unfortunately, I could not do a craft today. But I DO have fresh flowers from my birthday earlier this week!

At any rate, thanks for the beautiful Chinese music stuff! That's a pretty talented pink dress lady! Think I'll buy a dress like that! Floaty's so great!

Chum Bumbly said...

Sometimes Floatey I don't understand the things you say or the pictures how they relate to your topics

It is as they say all "GREEK" to me

Floaty said...

Not sure. No post of Greek any day. Thinking to some other blog?

Scruffy McGee said...

Har! I know y'be true Floater. N'er forget it.

Yer suggesters be pert fancy. Brawlin can be good fer relaxin' as the man says, but sometime's ye feel bad after when ye gets t'thinkin' it ain't so christian.

If the stress be mild ye can try loadin' and haulin' (scrap fer me) for ye move on t' brawlin.

I don't go in fer paper art m'self, but stew is near t' the perfect food.