Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A thank to Flighty and other mama

Been reading different mamas like Flighty, maybe shortcut mushroom, three monkey others. They speak many times finding cute chair or item for home, maybe cheap or to make husband buy.

So, ALEUIA! An inspire! time to trip for little shop, find thing for home, get good price maybe a haggle, bargain to me.

Spend a time, look chair, table, art, vase, spoon, maybe a ceramic. Then to my eye, I see a great for yard. A hop to lady at store can say "Look to that, maybe good price to me." A good time, haggle maybe some minutes, she agree to cost.

Carry home this one, put in yard.

So good. see?


Anonymous said...

Why don't I ever find such bargains?!

Floaty said...

Maybe not look to right place.

Anonymous said...

WOW!!!Where did that come from?I want that!Great art indeed!

Ben Hatke said...

That is the best steel weeposaurus I have ever seen.

Internet Peasant said...

Wow. Maybe it's some kind of medieval transformer.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how tall that art is.How would you transport it?Don't think you could take it apart.Ah!maybe Scotty could beam it up.