Friday, April 27, 2007

Been a time

Thinking past a while, gone for trip to places, also many work and attend to thing. Take a moment to show, my friend, thought to you.

Sometimes an asking how to see if an art strong or a fail. Practice, my friend, keep an eye to many art and soon to train it, ALEUIA eye grow like tongue to good food, taste strong art, fail art taste bad to eye, maybe soul.

One time show strong buffle art, also Ben chicken of strength, you can see good for eye. Now to show fail art. Can see difference? Look to foot on this one, lizard show to you. Not sure if lizard kick, maybe dance when curl fist to chest. THIS TO FAIL. Only toughest artist to try foot place like this one, so much practice or make fail like this.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Amaze to this one

Looking to web after talking few mama site like Daniellebean, see thing amaze to my eye. Big Buffle art, child so amaze, point to buffle, a memory forever.

So to think some time, ask to self buffle a good art. Answer can see in child to picture. So power this art, strike to child soul, heart.

Also, think mama sites, Daniellebean, threemonkey, flighty, maybe short mushroom better if post buffle to them maybe show childs. Childs see buffle, maybe not make mess in home.

Saturday, April 7, 2007


Now posting after time Holy Week silence to think of Lord, Triduum.

Oh, now Lord in tomb, soon in hours to fly out, stand on table, stun and show flag to guard. ALEUIA! Maybe so early to speak of glory, but soon to Easter and rejoice.
Good Easter to all, my friend!