Thursday, March 8, 2007

Good friend

Am thinking friend, today. Found friends last few while, car mama, construction man, different other mamas, costume man, Steak. Never know webs so many good man, woman. Do learn to new thing every day.

Now, to find maybe plumber, doctor, and other types friend. Will see. One thing, so many mamas posting good story, show invent of child, child at jail gate, many others.

Is good, make day better after rain to face, clothe on to work.


Bridget said...

Excellent post, floaty. I will gain the strong after having read it. Am I car mama? Hilarious!

Steak said...

I remember once a man said to me; "Eat a good breakfast. That is the key to friendship."

For years I've tried everything: Pop Tarts, Slim-Fast Shakes, leftover pizza, even pork chop biscuits!

Now I understand that the blend of seven whole grains and sesame contained only in Kashi cereal holds the promise, not only of a macrobiotic diet, but also to winning friends on the internet.

Chum Bumbly said...

And wealth perhaps!

Scruffy McGee said...

"wealth," friend Bumbly, is a bucket o' Fish, and a pile o' scrap an' rebar. Not none o' these fancy breakfast flakes.

Meanin' no offence there, Floater.