Wednesday, March 14, 2007

You see this man

Other time was picnic, saw man in cat face. Look some like picture. He walk around, make faces to other people. What he about? He not to talk at all, just mewl, growl, move arm like paw and claw. This happen park, near tree and path.

First thinking this man hero, maybe wrestler. Then think, "no, he just strange, maybe show off, or going birthday entertain."

Still, decide to ask. Walk to say "What you man?" He say something like mew, then, "I am a furry." Look again, see to smooth costume and say, "maybe shiny." He look anger, frustrate make hiss. Decide time leaving, move fast. What you do?


Anonymous said...


Bridget said...

I am scared of cat-face man. He looks like a tiger. I like tigers. In fact, they are my favorite animal. But this guy? Not so much.

Steak said...

Retribution would come swift and sure for the shiny tiger suit man. No one talks to that way without consequence.

Invite me to this party. I will bring the pain.