Friday, June 8, 2007

Testing to you, an answer

Good time to send question to you, my friend. Can answer, maybe learn one thing, maybe another. Give answer with 1 - 10, 1 mean a false maybe dislike, 10 to agree. 5 show no decide.

Question to you:
1) Hear name, is yours, sound like man you not know to call you. His face maybe like tiger, do answer?
2) See art. Can see foot out. Strong art?
3) Turtle to cross road, he look up and away. Stop car?
4) Thinking of place, imagine self there. Wrong idea?
5) Find a money, then coin. Aleiua?
6) Can choose egg. Yes?
7) Mama blog like Bean, flighty, three monkey post more thing like buffle art, not so much about cook, childs, maybe cute chair?

Now to maths, number 0-70 is a score. Look to list, see?

0-10 - Pigeon to face.

10 - 20 - This one come to your home. Maybe more strong, this not happen to you.

20 - 30 - You maybe this man. A help and pray to you.

30 - 40 - A small food, good to soul, but maybe more for you with a work.

40 - 50 - You like mouse, see? Good strive, but maybe scared to touch tree. Climb on, my friend.

50-60 - Soul like to strong art. You bless to friend, family.

60-70 - This one come to you. Agree so much, need strong principle so not agree to the wrong.


Anonymous said...

I'm the tomato.

Ry said...

1) Hear name, maybe like tiger, do answer? MY ANSWER: 4
2) See Strong art? MY ANSWER: Mighty 10
3) Turtle to Stop car? MY ANSWER: Infinity times a hundred plus 1
4) Thinking of Wrong idea? MY ANSWER: 1.8312
5) Find a money, Aleiua? MY ANSWER: + 2 against ogres
6) Can egg Yes? MY ANSWER: N/A
7) Bean, flighty, monkey post more buffle art, not cook, childs, cute chair? MY ANSWER: seven

MY TOTAL SCORE: "Solid Effort"

Anonymous said...

Soul like to strong art...very interesting.

NAT! said...

Yo Floatation-device!!


The first time I took, I answered the wrong questions and had to repeat a grade.

Then the next time I took it, it wrestled me to the floor and I was dazed for several minutes.That was back before I realized that the proper approach was to sneak up on in before it was finished eating its dinner.

The third time I took it, I got like a 34 or something, but I kept studying until i got the buffalo.

Now I'm gonna sleep it off.



Floaty said...

Good way, keep on.

Bridget said...

Pigeon to my face!!!!!!!!

Oh no!!!

Look at it! It's flying directly to my face!


I am tiger.