Tuesday, March 27, 2007

This weekend to zoo

Good time on day, went to zoo, show childs every creature. Think of Elephan, baby one, also giraffe, some bear, like to roll as panda. So crowded to these, other animal like hog, bat, maybe some fish not so crowded.

One child point to animal, say, "this thing?" I look to see look like part of zebra, giraffe. I think, "maybe legend creature" but see sign say Okapi.

Noticed most animals to sleep at zoo. Maybe some flower or water at zoo is to make all tired. On trip home, childs to nap.

I maybe still weary, so resting from this trip.


Steak said...

Sometimes I think the animals at the zoo heve more fun watching us than we do watching them!

Hey, puma! What do you think you're staring at? Haven't you ever seen people before!?

Chum Bumbly said...

Your travels are far and wide but not so wide as steak he is sublime

NAT! said...

Yo Floaticious One!

once i remember, it was really dark and i wuz climbin up a mountain...and suddenly i felt something nibblin at my tunic....when i felt down and IT WUZ A GOAT!! well i don't have to tell you just how much that terrified the Natatonic One, so i ran further when an ELEPHANT blocked my way....i whirled and ran into a KANGAROO!

Now poor little ol' Nat realized he wuz at the beginning of the INFERNO, and starts yellin "VIRGIL! VIRGIL! c'mon and help me out!" but then who should Nat see lumberin up the mountainside but Washington Irving...and he says "NAT! This ain't the INFERNO. You're at the CATSKILL GAME FARM."

Well, that was a relief no question.