Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Stand up

Sometime, there something that make you back away, maybe run, be afraid.

See? if to see this giant in wood, maybe best bet run away, maybe hide. Some thing, though, not to hide or run.

Can back away from important thing?
Look this giant one more time, he think to put all man into space, he probably worship sun and reaper.

Maybe time to stand up, face giant. Can you hero? Maybe so. You think. Make decide now, one day might face some thing.
Now, back to the work or childs, good day.


Steak said...

I am looking at the giant in wood and I honestly do not understand it at all. I think it ought to be immediately set on fire.

I think, to me, that is the true definition of a hero: someone who gets rid of things he doesn't understand by setting them on fire.

Anna said...

wow floaty. That's awesome!

Bridget said...

"Can you hero?"

Yes I can, floaty. Yes. I can.

Anonymous said...

I am not afraid of the giant only the reaper.