Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Cat, bad mirror

Now, have a time to turn from work to thought for you.

This cat to look in mirror, see lion, tiger. Then think bigger, strong than other animal in forest or street and be hurt. Cat, turn away from mirror.

Picture says, "What matters most is how you see yourself." Maybe this bad advise. I look to mirror, see goat? Then tell to wife, "feed to my mouth a grass and pasture." Then hit man at corner with head to his back.

More serious; if think to self a king, or some strong more than can do, maybe not treat friend so good, take a time with family, hurt self in traffic.

Now, back to works or child, good day.


Anonymous said...

One must be wise in how he sees himself.Creator sees all.
Old goats can be tough,but not smart.Grass sounds good.

Steak said...

Here's a trick you can play on someone: replace their mirror with a picture of something you know they do not want to be. For example, if this person is deathly afraid of robots, you can switch their mirror with a picture of a robot!

Now, when they look in the mirror to shave in the morning, you can imagine their shock when they find that overnight they've transformed into a robot that is completely immobile! OH HO!

Ben said...

Of all the blogs in the world, this one is my favorite.

NAT! said...

When M. le Nat first went cyber-shopping for deluxe vegetables of the mind, he thought to himself how odd it was to stumble upon M. le Floaty. And yet, how appropriate that the Natatonic One should find himself, at last, posting on this blog. Well done, Floatitious One! I rescind my suggestion that you take Nat's Free* Grammar Course (TM). Float On!!

(*$19.95 plus tax)