Wednesday, March 21, 2007

This true?

An ask for you today. Look to webs and found place, Place say, "fastest growing sport in America." This true? Look to TV and not see Stack champ any channel.

Steak, you champion some things, maybe know?

Stacks look like toy to make child cry, maybe tantrum when open at present. Maybe good gift to bad childs.


Ben said...

.tenhmm. this looks like a "new" toy from the mid 70's

Steak said...

I think the sport to watch most is Arena Football. According to the movie "Starship Troopers," Arena Football will be the world's most popular sport in the future.

The thing to remember about Speed Stacks is that since the sport is so new, all growth is going to be really fast if you consider the percentages. If the sport of Speed Stacks did not exist a week ago, and this week one person is playing it (presumably, the same person shown playing it on the box), that means the sport has grown infinity percent in one week!

Infinity percent sounds impressive, but it is less impressive once you look at the actual numbers. My advice, stick with Arena Football, sport of the future.

Anonymous said...

This look like old shell game in new package.

Floaty said...

Thank for a good word. Arena Football a good way, maybe new sport for all man.