Friday, December 21, 2007

This one, gift to childs

ALEUIA! Soon to Christmas. Good newborn king!

Hoping present come, UPS, soon for childs. Did a track, say Monday, so good joy to that. Childs excited this one for sure. Found for not so many moneys gift to play so many game, maybe pool, paddle, knock the pin over.

Also, this one to soar. Maybe use magnet, other technology, this tables fly in air. Amaze childs, I think. Best gift. Was thinking Wii for childs, but saw this one to fly, knew was better. Here to show you this, see?


Steak said...

If I know kids like I think I do, games of Knock the Pin Over are going to keep your childs entertained for all of ten seconds.

Just you watch: before the end of the day you're going to find that all your kids want to do with that game table is hoverboard up and down the hall on that floating foosball tabletop.

Bridget said...

I like games. It's Christmas. It's a time for miracles.

Ben Hatke said...

Perhaps magnet not to include?