Thursday, March 22, 2007

Be careful of this

This art on wall to dentist place. It say, "What
the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve." Look to man on poster one time again. He probably eat at dinner, think to self, "I hanging from mountain." Then, it happen. Now he stuck on rock, maybe will fall.

So, to learn lesson. Be careful of the thoughts. Persevere only good ideas, or a trouble to you.


Steak said...

If the man in the picture was just eating dinner when a thought to be hanging from the rock immediately transformed him to this mountain, that may be an indication that this man has powers beyond the range of normal men., perhaps super or magical, or maybe even mutant.

You say that you saw this poster in your dentist’s office. Does your dentist have any powers that might make his abilities exceed those of most mortals?

It is possible that your dentist hung this poster with the intention that its message be heeded only by those with powers. For example, this man in the poster may have the power to be transported to any place while he eats dinner. So he goes to hang from the rock. Then, just before he falls, he eats another dinner and this gives him the power to land miles away in a soft feather mattress. As long as the man remembers to bring more dinner with him, he can always replenish his unique and amazing ability. If he decides to use his powers for good, he will become a hero and we will call him Dinner Man.

If your dentist has extraordinary powers, it is likely that he will disguise them. If you ask him, he will probably not tell you. Sometimes, you can trick people into revealing their powers by challenging them to combat or to feats of ability. If you somehow do discover his powers, it will make him nervous, so you will have to take care to calm your dentist. Saying, “Your secret is safe with me.” And then winking is a good way to reassure super-powered humans.

Be sure not to betray your dentist possibly giving him some reason to decide to use his powers for evil.

Anonymous said...

This rock has monkey face.No teeth.

Ben said...

Yes, I was going to mention the face in the rock. I've never had a man hang from my face.

The Natatonic One said...

"Cliiiiff hanger, hanging from a clifffff. And that's why he's called cliff hanger." [and other annoying, semi-chromatic tunes].

Perseverance has the added benefit of decreasing the mortality rate, in this case.

Ben said...

Hey Steak!

I think they should make that special kind of wink mandatory learning in our school systems. It would stop so many fights before they start.