Thursday, July 19, 2007

Answer for you and also to show

One ask last time, how carry art to yard? Yes, heavy, take some time! A strong two hour, maybe three, go twice to store and get piece.

Think to self few times, a worth to get this one? Then remember beauty, power from effort only, carry on you man. Flighty can get chair, other new thing everyday, so one time to art can be done.

Then to put different piece, make face, point to make strong eye. Hammer to yard, neighbor ask, "This thing?" I say, "My friend, to share you can see from window." He say to call "H.O.A." Not sure this means, maybe so happy.

Now to show new one to you my friend. Mamas also look to this, special for you to give a strong.


Anonymous said...

Floaty, you're my friend!

Floaty said...

A thank

ben Hatke said...

Floaty! That picture gives me a strong. Thanks!

Also, I know a thing or two about H.O.A. When dealing with that kind of thig I just think WWMD? (What would Mal [colm Reynolds] Do?) It helps.

Bridget said...

Floaty, is that painting Asian? Can you elaborate for Mamas?

Also, you should know that I had the best word verification! You know, it's that thing where you have to type the wiggly letters in order to make your comment? Anyway, my word verification was koose. KOOSE!

That's just fantastic.

Anonymous said...

This is a good one.The turtle is just a great role model.Always steady and never gives up.
The yard treasure comment has given me a new out look.
God bless you,Floaty!