Friday, March 30, 2007

Talking Goals

Today, was thinking life, goals. Most thing have simple one, like sport, goal is to goal. Life a little different.

Can see this other art from Library wall. Says to dolphin, "There is no end to the amount of things you can accomplish." Look to Dolphin, not sure if this a good thing to say for him, he can chirp, swim, maybe leap like picture, a few other things, but not so much else.

Then think, "ALEUIA!" and see new truth. Poster say, "there is no end" and think to self, "See? That is problem on poster, goal only come from end of act" If no end, all accomplishes will be to nothing and a fail.

Dolphin and friends, not listen to this poster, be strong, find good end, then accomplishes to that. Good day.


NAT!! said...

Yo Floatilla!

The Nataonic One can do nothing but say "Wham-Swam-Thank You Man" for your downright Natolicious contemplations.

5 Stars on the Natometer. Keep the faith, Dr. Floatenstein.

Steak said...

It looks like the dolphin is rising straight up out of the water. It must be levitating!

Ben hatke said...

Just what i needed to hear.

Anonymous said...

How high do you think that dolphin can jump?What goals do dolphins have?How big is the brain on a dolphin?
Some say dolphins can talk.I don't know the answer.

Ben said...

Floaty! I could use a little more inspiration. Maybe some inspiration for Easter!