Tuesday, November 13, 2007

This one...not to know

See this one university close to museum. Mans make machine, good purpose, hold banan.
I ask man if can anything other than hold it. He say, "see? can use also a phone." I say, "that not phone, is fruit." He tell that was to show it can do also phone.
I say "Aleuia!" But then think, "still, need mouth."


NAT! said...

Yo, is that a ROBOT starin' at me or are you just hapy to see me! haw haw haw haw haw haw haw. Man the material gets better each passing day.

Float it man, FLOAT IT!! Aw man, I think I threw my back out...


Steak said...

This one not to know... But for how long? We laugh at the banana telephone robot NOW, sure. What happens when the robots achieve self awareness and enslave humanity?

I don't think we'll find the banana telephone robot so funny then. No siree.

Ben Hatke said...

That's right Steak. Then we'll be the ones forced to pretend that overripe bananas are phones. And the ROBOTS will be the ones laughing.