Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Still Learning

This man saying, "I am still learning."

See, two canes, walking out..maybe to street, going to store. Strong walker, thinking life, poetry, art.

Can you learn? Look to him, maybe again.

Here is songs from me:

"Oh! Cane two times, Walking, you can wise. See? the face hold deep."

Now, back to works, gain the strong, you can walk.


Steak said...

The old man's feebility is no match for skills. Two canes will amount to double trouble! See how his enemies perish!

Floaty said...


Yes, old man two cane has strong, but also "is still learning".

See, his eye watch for true thing, even at age of two cane. Still, would not trouble him in dark place like alley, under bridge.

Ben said...

Floaty! I will visit this blog EVERY DAY so that I can gain the strong too.

Bridget said...

FLOATY!!!! Why won't you tell me who you are? Sweet, sweet Floaty!

I must reward you for all the moments in my day when I was able to laugh, simply by recalling the words, "Pigeon to my face."

My day would have been less jolly without you! Must know who you are! Tell me in secret if you must...BUT PLEASE TELL MEEEEE!!!!