Tuesday, January 13, 2009

This man and ape.

This one is for showing. This figure from store, buy for desk, take picture for you.


I can call this "Strong" or maybe "Lift, Courage." See the ape, man of courage say "Ape, I can fight, not use hands!" Ape laugh and take challenge, they fight, man capture with foot turned inward.

He to clench fists at side, look ahead as victor. Ape in stunned face, so defeated.

This one gives courage, lift the heart. Ah! so can call "Lift Courage"

A blessing to you.

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Ry Guy said...

Some bloggers like to do "theme" weeks, like my sister who will set aside a whole week to do pictures of colors. Every day of the week, she will post photos based on the color of that day.

I think you should do a theme week, and every day post a different picture of grimy kitsch.